The combination of two kinds of experience: in the industrial production process and in the commerce and trade of raw materials.


With more than 20 years of experience working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as accumulated experience as a distributorof industrial raw materials from manufacturing companies worldwide, DanRoll is highly knowledgeable about the quality of the raw materials featured in the product lines and about the dynamics of the industrial manufacturing market.

Finding an independent sales agent that you TRUST will take a load off your mind!

What makes DanRoll trustworthy?

The high level of professionalism: working with DanRoll guarantees that both principals and customers get the best possible outcome from the purchase and sale of raw materials.


When both parties are satisfied with the supplier-buyer transaction, long-term business relationships can develop, for the benefit of all involved.

Find out more about DanRoll’s product lines and see how DanRoll can help you manage your purchase or sale of industrial raw materials.



A good sales agent is a good matchmaker.


To establish a beneficial and cooperative working relationship, the independent agent should have a clear vision of each party’s needs, wishes and expectations.


Based on first-hand experience in the manufacturing business in Israel, at DanRoll we know what manufacturers in Israel need to get the job done faster and more efficiently.


DanRoll’s goal is to expedite the process, by finding raw materials that best match your product, production volume, and the projected product price, and to see them delivered to your warehouse in a timely manner.

Why choose DanRoll?


  • Understands your work environment and its constraints
  • Introduces you to vetted suppliers
  • Has a global network of OEMs and raw materials producers  (link to Principals)
  • Works with leading manufacturers which feature their own state-of-the art research & development
  • Represents manufacturers that adhere to professional international standards such as UL , ISO, ASTM, IEC, AFERA, and DIN
  • Can locate and deliver materials tailored to your specifications and budget
  • Helps establish long-term relationships with trusted OEMs
  • Has the experience and know-how to evaluate the quality of materials and workmanshi
  • Manages all the details, so that the shipment reaches your factory when you need it
  • Keeps numerous items in stock for immediate purchase


DanRoll helps Israeli factories and manufacturing companies save time and money

As an independent sales agent, DanRoll’s expertise is in targeting Israeli industry as a growing market for raw materials.


In addition to having a cultural advantage for selling to Israeli firms, DanRoll also knows Israeli manufacturing from the inside and out: with more than 20 years’ experience working in Israeli industry, the DanRoll’s sales rep understands the attributes of raw materials, as well as the workings of the Israeli market for industrial raw materials.


According to Index Mundi’s “Israel Economy Profile for 2013”, industry in Israel is expected to account for approximately one third of the country’s gross domestic product. Israel also enjoys a relatively stable economy; indeed, after the 2008/09 global financial crisis, according to the same report, “the economy has recovered better than most advanced, comparably sized economies”. 


A large portion of DanRoll’s sales currently targets Israeli cable manufacturers and manufacturers of transformers.  At the same time, DanRoll welcomes the opportunity to distribute additional raw materials suited to the Israeli industrial market.

Please take a look at DanRoll’s current product lines or download a list of items currently in stock To find out about the saleability of your raw materials in Israel, kindly contact DanRoll


Principals and OEMs working with DanRoll can rest assured that they are in good hands:


DanRoll Takes initiative and works independently

DanRoll Comes with a pre-existing network of clients in the target country

DanRoll Establishes new accounts and cultivates long-term relationships with Israeli customers

DanRoll Is well-versed in the negotiation practices characteristic of this part of the world

DanRoll Oversees the details of receiving the shipments of raw materials in the target country

DanRoll Ensures smooth delivery and distribution of the OEM goods to customers in Israel

DanRoll Demonstrates a professional approach

DanRoll Has the organizational skills to streamline the sales process

DanRoll Provides periodic updates and answers to your questions

DanRoll Communicates confidence and respect

DanRoll Is dedicated to providing reliable service above all

Let DanRoll extend your reach and expand your market

DanRoll works with OEMs and distributes raw materials, as well as insulation tapes and films:


DanRoll Raw materials for electrical cables

  • Semi-conductive moisture absorbent nonwoven fabric
  • Aluminium polyester laminates
  • Copolymer coated aluminium tape
  • Super absorbent, water-blocking Polyester yarns
  • Thermosetting insulation tape
  • Polyester film tape

DanRoll Raw materials for electrical transformers

  • Specialty insulation tapes
  • Paperboard insulation
  • Compressed pressboard
  • Transformer insulating paper board
  • Precompressed press board
  • Transformer pressboard
  • Laminated pressboard
  • Electrical insulation paper

DanRoll Raw materials for solar panels

  • Copper tape
  • Copper tubes
  • Copper strips – 100-300 micron thickness
  • Aluminium strips – 25, 30 micron thickness

DanRoll Raw materials for radiators

  • Copper strips
  • Brass strips

DanRoll Raw materials for insulation

  • Nonwoven fabric for roofing
  • Tapes for separation and insulation

Would you like to download a list of items currently in stock?


DanRoll is owned by Dani Harel, a veteran manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience working in Israeli industry.


Since its establishment, DanRoll has been involved in the purchase of raw materials for leading manufacturers in Israel’s dynamic and cutting-edge ICT industry, as well as for manufacturing companies exploring alternative and solar energy solutions.


Professional integrity is the hallmark of DanRoll’s business relationships.


Customers gladly rely on DanRoll to locate the materials that match their specifications and best suit their budgetary needs.


OEM suppliers benefit as they gain access to a vibrant market.

If you are looking to grow your company, by engaging in commercial transactions that lead to strong and ongoing relationships – DanRoll is your agent of choice!

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